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Monument Valley Game Free Download For Android Apk + Data | 2020

                          Monument Valley


In Monument Valley, you will control unthinkable engineering and guide a quiet princess through an amazingly lovely world.

Landmark Valley is a strange investigation through fantastical engineering and unimaginable geometry. Guide the tranquil princess Ida through odd tourist spots, uncovering covered ways, spreading out optical misdirections and beating the secretive Crow People.

Ida's Dream is now accessible.

Overlooked Shores: Eight new sections of experience and dream accessible now as a different buy.


"One of the best hours and the estimation of something like this is boundless" - Kotaku

"Splendid plan... remained with me like a fantasy I would not like to overlook... 9/10" - Polygon

"Landmark Valley shocks with its tranquility... each screen is a masterpiece" - Huffington Post

"Impossibly ravishing... a dining experience for your faculties... 5/5" - Touch Arcade



Roused by the moderate 3D plan, optical dreams and royal residences and sanctuaries from around the globe, each landmark is an extraordinary, hand-created world to investigate.

Simple TO USE

Wind and drag to reshape the world and help Ida to investigate. Intended to be simple for everybody to get, appreciate and finish.


Sound responds to your control of the world to give a strange and delightful soundscape. Best experience with earphones.


APK + OBB :- https://bit.ly/2UKnQ5n